Walsh Taylor’s female led team go from strength to strength

Yorkshire and North East based insolvency practice Walsh Taylor is delighted to announce that case manager Emma Gray has passed the Joint Insolvency Exam Board (JIEB) examinations – enabling her to apply to become a licensed insolvency practitioner. 

Walsh Taylor is strongly committed to supporting their staff throughout the insolvency qualification process which takes around two years. 

Emma is the third member of the team who has become qualified after being supported by Walsh Taylor throughout the JIEB examination process.

‘’Anyone who has studied for professional exams knows how important having a supportive employer is’’ said Emma, ‘’ the whole team could not have been more supportive in the sharing of their knowledge and in giving me time to study.” 

Emma is part of the management team of this female led business.  All of the three directors are female along with all the qualified insolvency practitioners in the firm.  It is perhaps the strong female team that has influenced Walsh Taylor’s success. 

“Staff are the backbone of any business”, said Mary Taylor, director of Walsh Taylor. “Not only do we encourage and support staff to obtain profession qualifications but we also believe strongly in the apprentice program.”

In the last year Walsh Taylor has appointed into permanent roles three members of staff who joined them in the previous year as apprentices.


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