Don’t let holiday workforce give you the summertime blues, local business owners warned

Local business owners who take on temporary workers over the next few months are being warned not to let paperwork oversights give them the summertime blues.

Zahid Khan who runs TaxAssist Accountants in Wakefield said: “Local small businesses will be taking on temporary staff throughout this summer and with seasonal pressure on employers’ summer holiday rotas and work schedules, it could be tempting to pay workers cash in hand to cut costs.

“But employers who scrimp on the paperwork run the risk of hefty financial penalties. Generally, you should follow the same procedure for temporary or student workers as you do for new full, or part-time, workers.

“If a P45 is missing, a Starter Checklist – formerly the P46 form – must be completed and if the employee’s income is more than £157 a week, employers must account for National Insurance. If they earn more than £958 a month on average, they must also pay income tax.

“Employers must also make sure that employees are paid the minimum wage appropriate for their age and circumstances. Since April 2017, over-25s have been entitled to a minimum of the National Living Wage of £7.50 per hour.

“HMRC will hold employers liable for any shortfall in tax or pay, and any short-comings in their records. We’re urging local business owners not to let paperwork oversights give them a costly headache this summer.”

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