West Yorkshire warehousing firm transported to new phase of growth

Vernon Land, NatWest senior relationship manager, Mark Forsyth and Lombard’s Stuart Graham

Vernon Land Transport Ltd, a Bradford firm which provides worldwide distribution and storage solutions, has secured a 100,000 square foot warehousing space in order to facilitate both organic growth and new business won, thanks to funding from NatWest & Lombard.

Investment in fleet vehicles, and more recently the addition of new specialist racking and forklift equipment, has also been aided by the bank. Funding packages secured in recent times total in excess of £1m and have been vital in allowing the management team to take advantage of the opportunities they have generated.

This investment and growth will allow the business to hire additional local staff and build on its excellent reputation for customer service.

Having started his business with just one truck, Vernon Land has come a long way in twenty years, building a large fleet of vans, trucks and articulated vehicles. Vernon Land Transport Ltd. can now offer over 100,000 square foot of warehousing space. The business has grown its revenue streams year on year and is proud of an excellent nationwide reputation.

The recent phase of expansion will help to prepare the family business for being passed on to a new generation.

Owner Vernon Land said: “It’s not only important that this business does well for me, my employees and customers, but also so that my children have a strong business to take on when the time comes. This funding from NatWest means that we can increase our warehousing capacity so we can grow as a business and take on more people.

“NatWest & Lombard have funded our growth for a long time, and it is very much down to them that we are where we are today.  I really trust them to do the right thing by us.”

NatWest relationship manager Mark Forsyth said: “Clearly this is a business which fulfils an important role in the UK & Local economy, providing outstanding logistics and warehousing solutions to customers throughout the UK and Europe.

“Vernon Land Transport Ltd. has a number of Blue Chip clients, which is a credit to Vernon and his business. I’ve known Vernon & his wife Christine for several years and it is great to see the business going from strength to strength, and to be a part of their success and future.”


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