Parklane Properties leads way in LKeeds with 0 per cent fees

Parklane Properties is leading the way in Leeds with an offering that will see new landlords enjoying 0 per cent management fees and no admin fees for tenants.

Launched ahead of the legislation coming into force this year, Parklane Properties will offer a 0 per cent management charge for all its new landlords with no fees attached for six months. Equally impressively, it will also be removing all admin fees for tenants effective immediately. 

Available for limited time only, Parklane is offering the cheapest management charge across the city – an incredible opportunity for landlords to bolster their position in the property market, whether people are looking to make first steps as a landlord or are established and looking to extend their portfolio.  

Satty Bhamra, sales manager at Parklane Properties, said: “We’re doing something that we’re not aware of anyone else doing and offering a 0 per cent management charge for all new landlords with no fees attached at all. It’s for new landlords, for a limited time only, and it is exactly as it sounds. The only condition is that it’s based on a 12-month tenancy and the 0 per cent relates to the first six months.  

“Our vision is for the Parklane city centre office to grow and to do things differently. We want to bring new customers in to start this journey with us. This is a bold move, one which is ahead of the curve, and in advance of the new legislation surrounding admin fees kicking in.  

“We want our city centre office to be the go-to place for sales and lettings in Leeds, so we’re offering a deal that nobody else is and we’re making a definitive impact in the market.”

There are many costs associated with letting a property, from the fees incurred to general maintenance, so by taking advantage of absolutely no management for the first six months, landlords can sit more comfortably in the market. With the rental market becoming increasing competitive, landlords can make their offering to tenants more appealing, as they can avoid carrying over any admin costs to the rental price. 

By reducing costs for new tenants, Parklane Properties is set to make decisions in the property market easier for those looking to move. A hub of the Northern Powerhouse, Leeds is a thriving city and by giving new renters more security and flexibility with funds, tenants can extend their options and secure their dream home.


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