Drive Dynamics drives forward with revolutionary diary management system

Drive Dynamics chief executive Beverley Midgley

A West Yorkshire driving school is accelerating forward with the launch of a revolutionary new diary management system. 

Trials of Drive Dynamic’s online system – developed by one of the country’s leading software development companies – begins next week, before being rolled out nationally to its fleet of 300-plus driving instructors a month later. 

Drive Dynamics, which is based in Drighlington between Leeds and Bradford, was started ten years ago by entrepreneur Beverley Midgley, and is one the country’s most successful driving schools. 

Mrs Midgley said: “This new CRM system marks a new and exciting stage in the Drive Dynamics’ journey, and is very much driven to improve the customer experience. 

“The system has been in the development phase for a number of months now, and we are now at the stage where we will be test-driving it before rolling it out to all our instructors. 

“It is a far cry from our current system, and one of the key benefits of the new diary management system is that it will provide us with ‘live’ accounts at any one time. 

“Our instructors will be able to download this to their smartphones and begin using it immediately. It is incredibly user friendly and, more importantly, has been future proofed.” 

Bev added: “Whilst its primary function is for real-time interaction between us and our instructors, it is our aim to open its functionality up to learner drivers, so they can automatically grade their instructor. 

“We will also be able to extrapolate other data too, such as average number of lessons taken before a learner driver goes in for their test.”


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