Plasmor supports drive to increase access at Wood-Meadow

Julian Slater, managing driector of Plasmor, meets user Jay Daniels who drove the buggy to gain access to the pond

Plasmor, the Yorkshire-based manufacturer and supplier of concrete products, has supported the pioneering Three Hagges Wood-Meadow near Selby, by providing money to buy a golf buggy.   

Rosalind Forbes Adam, chair of Hagge Woods Trust, which manages the wood-meadow, said: “We are extremely grateful to Plasmor. An important part of our vision for the wood-meadow is to make the riches of our native wildlife familiar and accessible to people of all ages and abilities. 

“The buggy will be a great asset at our Events such as the Discovery Day on July 1 and can be booked for visits by members of the local community. It will also be very useful on Volunteer Fridays to carry equipment when the community come and help out with the management of the site. 

“But, crucially, the buggy means that those who might otherwise not be able to explore the wildflower meadow in bloom can now do so. That is wonderful.” 

Plasmor are taking a particular interest in the work of Hagge Woods Trust because they are transforming their clay quarry at Hemingbrough, near Selby, into a nature conservation area with access for the local community. 

Julian Slater, managing director, said: “We engaged with the Hagge Woods Trust last year and it has been interesting to learn from their experiences in developing the project. We continue to develop a collaborative approach to nature conservation and are pleased to be able to assist financially to create better access for everyone.” 

Last year Plasmor, together with the Liz and Terry Bramall Foundation, also funded two eco-loos including one for the disabled, at Three Hagges Wood-Meadow. And this year Plasmor have also offered to support the extending of Hagge Woods Trust’s research programme, to set up hydrology monitoring on the site. 

Jay Daniels, whose wife Emma is project coordinator for Hagge Woods Trust, said: “For the first time I have been able to visit to the pond at the wood-meadow, so I am exceptionally grateful to Plasmor. They have enriched my life.”


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