Insurance experts buck the trend by founding new brokerage

Paul Taylor, left, and Sam Leeder

Two ambitious insurance professionals from South Yorkshire have bucked the trend in the insurance industry and launched what promises to be an exciting new insurance brokerage.

At a time when face-to-face broker advice is increasingly hard to find for commercial clients and high net worth private clients, Sam Leeder and Paul Taylor, have launched Actus Insurance – a Sheffield-based brokerage that sees them using their combined 38 years’ experience in the insurance industry to help businesses across South Yorkshire and beyond.

The new brokerage also enjoys the stability and support that comes from partnering with the highly respected Leeds-based Gauntlet Group, which is continually enabling ambitious and talented brokers like Sam and Paul, who live near Rotherham, to achieve their dream of self-employment.

Commercial clients across the north, in key sectors such as manufacturing, engineering, construction, plant and property, are on Sam and Paul’s radar, but they will also be assisting professionals such as surveyors, accountants, architects, engineers and solicitors. Being part of Gauntlet Enterprise enables them to access policies from over 100 insurers, which means they can get the best cover, at the best price, for their clients.

Clients of Actus Insurance will also include high net worth individuals wanting protection for homes, cars, jewellery, fine art collections, yachts and holiday homes, as well as companies wanting health and safety services, from risk assessments to accident investigations. Actus will now also be able to point clients in the direction of new and interactive Gauntlet e-learning modules and signpost others towards solid HR advice.

The name ‘Actus’, which means action, performance and delivery in Latin, sums up their approach. Both Sam and Paul strive to pro-actively get to know a business or client inside out, so they fully understand requirements, culture and attitude to risk. This enables them to create bespoke solutions and offer intuitive recommendations.

Paul Taylor says: “Offering a holistic approach, encompassing the placement of insurance risks, but also robust risk management, means we focus on clients not just in the short-term, but in the medium and long-term too. This enables us to create strategies and offer practical assistance that allows clients to minimise their claims and reduce their premiums.”

Sam Leeder adds: “Paul and I are excited to be bringing something new and dynamic to Sheffield and South Yorkshire. We are swimming against the tide in our industry, where independent brokers, offering intuitive and robust advice are becoming few and far between.

“We fully believe in the individual approach and know that best value – even the best premiums – are often part of a face-to-face and in-depth relationship between broker and client. With the backing of Gauntlet and the access that this will give us to a vast number of insurer schemes, we believe we will be able to act, perform and deliver to the benefit of very many commercial and private clients.

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