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New Deep South American Kitchen serves up food with soul in Leeds and York

The region’s only dedicated Deep South inspired restaurant is serving up authentic soul food after opening premises in Yeadon and Flaxton, York. 

Holy Moly’s Deep South Kitchen will tempt diners with traditional Southern fare ranging from grits, gumbo and biscuits with gravy along with specialities such as gator meat. The new restaurant from the creators of Huckleberry’s American Diner, it is the first of its kind in Yorkshire and the North to be truly dedicated to the taste of the soulful southern states of America. 

Holy Moly’s will be run by Simon Robinson and Ben Jones, the culinary creative force behind the success of Huckleberry’s. Both restaurants are based on the original premises of the former Huckleberry’s Diner. 

Fresh, authentic produce will be used with dishes inspired by the soulful flavours of Mississippi, Louisiana, Memphis, Nashville, Alabama and New Orleans. 

Challenge dishes will also be on the menu, with five mammoth man v food contests available including the Meat Marathon which carries a £100 cash reward if completed inside 40 minutes and the terrifyingly named Termigator, an 8lb monster of a challenge featuring two cajun gator burgers with real bite! 

Food challenges at both Holy Moly’s restaurants are designed by Adam Moran, the UK’s leading competitive eater and a Guinness Book of Records world record holder. New challenges will be created throughout the year to test the biggest appetites. 

Simon Robinson, director and co-owner of Holy Moly’s Deep South Kitchen, said: “An authentic Deep South inspired eatery is a first for the region – we are truly dedicated to the delicious taste of the southern states and there’s just nothing else like it on the restaurant scene at the moment. 

“We’re aiming to take our customers on a real road trip through America’s Deep South. 

“We wanted to introduce something completely different for diners and move away from traditional American diner type food. We’ve seen a growing trend in burger joints opening, a love of ‘dirty food’ and endless steak and chicken diners opening all serving the same food. So, the logical step for us was to delve even further into US food, and Deep South food is absolutely delicious.” 

Holy Moly’s will cater for 100 diners and the launch of the new restaurants in both York and Yeadon has led to a recruitment drive for chefs and servers. 

Ben Jones added: “Holy Moly’s will give guests a real taste of the Deep South of America with fresh, vibrant ingredients all adding up to a fantastic feed full of flavour. Food quality and authentic taste is the main priority rather than portion size meaning this will be a real destination dining experience.”

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