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New comparison site launches campaign to compare the mundane

A brand new fuel card comparison site is causing quite a stir by releasing a series of inventive videos that compare random, everyday objects. (CFC) released its first video last week comparing two toy knights as they are flipped towards a French Bulldog – dressed as a fearsome dragon – with the knight travelling furthest winning.

The remaining videos, which are to be published in the upcoming weeks, promise to be just as bizarre and whacky. Comparing everything from jet power washers and bowling balls to blocks of cheese and toilet plungers, the CFC team is putting everything to the test in its ‘Compare the What?’ campaign.

When asked why the company is creating these videos, a spokesperson at CFC said: “CFC is unique in the industry. We wanted to create a digital campaign that was just as distinctive and got people talking about us.

“Although we specialise in fuel as the UK’s first comprehensive fuel card comparison site, we wanted our campaign to go beyond that. By comparing common items we wanted to bring a sense of laughter and contrast to mundane, ordinary objects around us, bringing them to life.

Hopefully people will find the comparisons as amusing and enjoyable as we did filming them!”


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