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Young people get financial education lessons over school holidays

An experiential hub with videos and interactive games was set up in Sheffield’s Meadowhall to encourage young people to start better planning their finances. 

The NatWest Experiential Hub included a touchscreen MoneySense quiz where young people could test their money saving skills. It was installed at the shopping centre with support from NatWest’s North Regional Board. 

Branch banking staff from NatWest were also on hand to facilitate and answer queries about the MoneySense programme. 

Richard Topliss, chairman of the North Regional Board, said: “The Experiential Hub is wonderful way to get young people engaged and thinking about their finances. MoneySense has been created to give young people lesson on financial planning that are easy to understand and make sense in real-life situations. We hope all that who visited enjoyed the experience and learned a little bit about their personal finances.” 

NatWest’s Experiential Hub promotes the bank’s MoneySense programme. MoneySense is one of the UK’s leading impartial and free financial education resources. It is designed to help young people aged 5-18 find a better financial future. It has been running for over 22 years and has helped 4.5 million young people learn about money. 

With a range of information, activities and games, it makes learning about money real, relevant and fun. The programme uses key money moments in a young person’s life – starting to save their pocket money, opening a bank account, or getting their first mobile phone – to make learning about money feel relatable. Everyone can use MoneySense – students, parents and teachers. It provides a way to talk about money, has tools that can give young people confidence in using money responsibly, and speaks to an important part of the school curriculum.

NatWest is aiming to help another 1 million young people in England and Wales through MoneySense by the end of 2018.


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