Jet Environmental “first choice suppliers” of distribution centres

PHOENIX Healthcare Distribution Limited's distribution centre

When PHOENIX Healthcare Distribution Limited needed to redevelop a distribution centre, Jet Environmental provided the perfect service.

Rob Benson, Head of Strategic Projects PHOENIX said: “For many years, Jet Environmental have been first choice suppliers of HVAC installations across the PHOENIX network.

“During the initial planning stage, PHOENIX decided to engage an external consultancy who specialised in the specification and design of HVAC systems.

“Our new site required significant modernisation both structurally and operationally.

“Once completed, the site would handle existing business and that of our Burnley distribution centre, which would then be closed.”

Despite being a blind selection process, Jet Environmental was still selected over and above eight other competitors, being deemed the best fit for the company’s needs.

With over 120,000 sqft needing air temperature control, it was no easy task. Nonetheless, Jet Environmental handled the installation across all three sites with professional ease.

The company provided external heating and cooling systems, as well as air handling units and ducting for the distribution site. Each of the systems is fully independent internally, ducting at a high level.

Benson said: “A significant reason for installation of an HVAC system is to ensure internal temperatures are maintained within specific guidelines.

“In compliance with the MHRA (Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency) guidelines, Jet Environmental has devised a complete, cost-saving energy management solution for owners of facilities that store important drugs and medicines.”

Jason Hibbs, managing director of Jet Environmental, said: “We are always pleased to be able to provide this essential service.

“Knowing that we were still selected as the best fit from a blind selection committee just shows how professional and experienced our experts are.

“Our dedication to investing in improvement means our clients will always receive the best service possible.”

Jet Environmental were established in 1981 and are one of the UK’s leading constants for warehouse climate control. Investing heavily in research and development, they have become leaders in their field.

The latest research in association with Coventry University has put them head and shoulders above competitors with the ability to adjust with forecast information, providing services at the lowest energy consumption.

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