Yorkshire print management specialist helps school go greener

Pictured are Michelle Toy, Lyndhurst Primary School, Ben Tighe, ABS UK Print, and two pupils

Elland-based, family business ABS UK Ltd, has implemented a print management solution which enabled Lyndhurst Community Primary School and Children’s Centre to save nearly £4,000 a year and over 340kg of C02.

The school had no prior print management software in place, resulting in spiralling costs and an increased environmental impact.

After carrying out a detailed audit, ABS UK installed specialist software and equipment, which tracks and controls usage.

The systems put in place by ABS UK have saved Lyndhurst Primary School a cumulative total of more than 25,000 sheets of A4 paper over the last 18 months.

The paper reduction has resulted in savings of approximately £1,200.00 on print costs during the same period, and the managed print solution is now fully cost neutral. On top of these reductions, the school have saved a further £2,600 per year by consolidating all their photocopier contracts.

In addition to cost savings, the school has reduced its impact on the environment by the equivalent of 17,000 bulb hours from manufacturing energy saved from not producing the paper, 342kg of C02 emissions from greenhouse gases that would’ve been released during the paper production process and 3.2 trees that would have been consumed to make the paper.

Jane Woolfenden, Headteacher at Lyndhurst Primary School, said: “We enlisted the help of ABS UK after becoming concerned about our spiralling printing costs and the impact on the environment through wasted print.

“The new system that has been installed has made everyone mindful about what and why they are printing.  It’s easy to follow, simple to use and certainly makes a difference. We’ve enjoyed fabulous customer service and have made consistent savings while becoming more environmentally friendly.”

David Lees, marketing and CSR director at ABS UK, said: “We are always more than happy to assist schools with their print management processes. Our solutions not only save money and valuable time, but also teach users how to be eco-friendly and reduce the impact their printing has on the environment.”

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