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Leeds brand Naked Noodles creates stir at London Fashion Week

Authentic convenience snacking brand Naked Noodle, produced by Leeds-based food manufacturer Symington’s, created a stir at the first day of London Fashion Week with a recycled dress worn by lifestyle blogger Lela London that was made using its noodle pots packaging.

Lela London wore the Naked Noodle creation outside the British Fashion Council venue at 180 The Strand to highlight the growing use of recycled materials in fashion.

The activity was also supported by an interactive stunt using A-list lookalikes to generate awareness of Naked Noodle’s branded London taxicabs that have launched in the capital this month.

Naked Noodle supplied its colourful plastic pots to be used in the project, which was in collaboration with Leeds-based artist Rachel Rea, who specialises in print working with heat transfer in plastic-based materials.

Rachel, who studied costume design with textiles at the University of Huddersfield, is one half of creative collective Immortal Bloom, a pair of artists that use man-made materials to produce installations that have been featured at festivals including Beat herder and in Leeds independent venues, such as Outlaws Yacht Club.

The dress was inspired by mid-Victorian crinolines, and also uses pattern techniques used in Spanish colonial roofing to create a space-age style skirt, formed of the tiled plastic Naked Noodle pots. The shoulder piece was designed to reflect the noodle product itself and create a 3-D effect.

Rachel said: “I want to challenge consumerist ideology and our attitudes on sustainability. This is practised using disposable and environmental contexts and creating beautiful installations and today, the Naked Noodle dress.”

Lela London said: “I am all about sustainable fashion and love that Naked Noodle has contributed to the movement in such a creative way.”

Mike Benton, head of snacking at Symington’s, said: “Naked Noodle is a relatively young brand but one that is growing rapidly and is driving the authentic snacking product category.

“The brand has recently achieved its £10m milestone this year, and we are looking to boost awareness with consumers who we know are looking for authentic, easy to prepare snacks as an alternative to the traditional sandwich. Our activity at London Fashion Week has enabled us to target our key demographic, whilst looking to also raise our profile in the capital city with a mass consumer audience.”


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