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Sheffield to host launch of new business network

Sheffield has been chosen as the venue to launch a brand new national business network. The Business Forge will be formally launched at an event in Sheffield on Wednesday, October 4.

The group is intended to fill a gap in the business support sector which has existed since the demise of the Business Link network of local/regional advisors, which was axed in 2011.

The founder of the Business Forge is Neville Martin, a local author and businessman who has over 25 years’ experience of working in public and private-sector business support organisations.

He is author of a recent book entitled “Forging a Better Business”, and said: There are many networking groups in the UK, most of which focus their activities on inter-trading and marketing support.

Uniquely, the Business Forge is a network of businesses geared to supporting members in improving their business structure, processes and culture.

“Each year in the UK in excess of half a million new businesses are established. Many struggle to find the right kind of support to help their businesses grow and flourish.

There are many other long-established businesses which are not meeting their fullest potential and are ripe for upscaling. Many firms are looking for new inspiration or a new direction.

“All entrepreneurs aspire to be at the ‘cutting edge’ of their business sector. A ‘cutting edge’ can only be created in the forge: has to be formed out of its base raw materials, hammered into shape, honed, manipulated, refined and brought to perfection.

“It’s exactly the same process with building a successful business: it’s skilled and strenuous work. But once created, the ‘cutting edge’ can very easily lose its shine and its sharpness. It therefore needs to be carefully maintained, sharpened and improved regularly, and this is precisely where the Business Forge comes in.

“Most owner-managers are too busy working in the business to have time to work on the business, so the Business Forge will be introducing a series of ‘On the Anvil’ Enterprise Workshops, which will allow Business Forge members to spend time on the important activity of improving their business culture and processes.

“By becoming members, entrepreneurs will be introducing a routine discipline of spending time each month on forging a better business.”

The launch will take place on Wednesday, October 4, at Farm Road Social Club, Sheffield, S2 2TP at 6pm– 8.15pm. Attendance is open to all businesses large and small; start-up and pre-start entrepreneurs are especially welcome.

Attendees will enjoy a buffet supper in a friendly, informal environment and have the opportunity to become founder members of the Business Forge, which is entirely free to join.

The event is FREE to attend but booking is essential. To book, email quoting your name and company.

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