Sheffield branch colleagues support local animal sanctuary

volunteers at the Mayflower Animal Sanctuary

Volunteers from Leeds Building Society’s Sheffield branch spent a day working at a South Yorkshire animal sanctuary.    

The Mayflower Animal Sanctuary looks after unwanted or abandoned cats and dogs and aims to find them new homes.  

The three Society colleagues took advantage of the volunteering scheme which allows all employees a day’s paid leave annually to help a good cause of their choice.

“The day went really well and we all enjoyed it,” said Christie Georgiou from the Sheffield branch.

“We did various tasks throughout the day including walking the dogs, playing with them and also helping with the cleaning of the kennels.”

Vin Mitchell, kennel manager, said: “We are currently very busy and the help provided by the volunteers was a lifeline.

“They were happy to get involved and get their hands dirty, and made a real difference to the dogs.

“They are welcome back anytime.”

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