Football club sports new gear, thanks to Drive Dynamics’ sponsorship deal

The Robin Hood Athletic Junior Football Club’s U17s squad in their new Drive Dynamics kit

A Leeds football club is “sporting new gear”, thanks to a national driving school.

The two-year sponsorship deal with Drive Dynamics, which is based in Drighlington, will see its name emblazoned across the shirts worn by players from Robin Hood Athletic Junior Football Club’s U17s team.

The club – which was founded in 1952 and is based behind the Coach and Horses Inn, on Wakefield Road in Rothwell –  approached the driving school to ask if they were willing to help support the club.

Lee Clegg, Robin Hood Athletic Junior Football Club coach, said: “We were looking for a sponsor for the U17 team and, seeing Drive Dynamics learner cars in the area, we decided to approach them.

“I’m absolutely delighted to say our cold call met with a hot response, and we have signed a two-year sponsorship deal with the company. This is a superb result and our new ‘gear’ looks stunning.”

Drive Dynamics chief executive Beverley Midgley said: “We are thrilled to see the Drive Dynamics name on the shirts being worn by Robin Hood Athletic Junior Football Club’s U17 team.

“This is a great local football club, which has a loyal following and does superb work with an increasing number of youngsters.

“We are very much looking forward to following the U17’s progress during the rest of the season, and, of course, we hope they will power their way to the top of league.”

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