Latest appointment further boosts children’s law expertise of niche firm

Sasha Williams and Kate Banerjee

A solicitor with a strong track record in family law and social care law is further enhancing the reputation of the children’s department at niche family law firm, Jones Myers.

Sasha Williams joins the department’s nine-strong team – which includes an ‘in house’ counsel – and attracts complex and varied casework in the UK and overseas. Her experience spans areas including residence, contact, immigration, asylum and domestic violence.

Based in Leeds and London, the firm is at the forefront of international child abduction and is accredited by a specialist Panel operated by the International Child Abduction and Contact Unit.

Sasha said: “The reputation of Jones Myers, which is among the country’s most respected family law firms, is second to none and I’m looking forward to contributing to the ongoing success of the practice.”

Headed by Kate Banerjee – who has Higher Court Rights and is a member of the International Child Abduction and Custody Unit – the department’s team members jointly combine almost nine decades of expertise.

Kate said: “In today’s evolving modern world, families are more diverse – bringing wider issues, which impact on children. With a wealth of experience in family law and social care law, Sasha’s expertise compliments our skills as our national and international casework continues to increase.”


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