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Harrogate company to help with poor business management

A recent Investors in People study revealed that 42 per cent of workers in the UK say poor management is the main reason they’re not happy in their current role.

One Harrogate based training company is hoping its innovative new type of management courses can help tackle the leadership issues facing UK businesses.

The Masterclass Series, which is developed and presented by Quarterdeck, covers typical business issues such as: true grit, toxic thinking, and mastering uncertainty across 10 half day sessions throughout the year.

This low-cost series has a unique approach. Unlike other training programmes, once a company buys a seat anyone can attend, rather than being restricted to a single person.

Laura Bouttell, managing director of Quarterdeck, said: “We designed the Masterclass Series in response to our clients’ feedback and to tackle the natural shortcomings of traditional training courses.

“When people sign up to a series of courses it may clash with holidays or illnesses. Our new approach reacts directly to this in allowing companies to buy a transferable seat.

“We’re excited to be able to help our clients achieve what they want and provide an entry point for businesses that might not yet be at the stage where they can justify a full-on personal leadership programme for their senior teams or future talent.”

The Masterclass Series starts on January 29, 2018 and bookings are open now. For more information visit


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