Addition Design slots into new space at AMP Technology Centre

Tom Fripp of Addition Design, right, with Dave Patterson and Barbara Thatcher of Chester medical solutions, Aspire Creative

Professional industrial design and research company, Addition Design, has this month opened its first office space in South Yorkshire’s leading advanced manufacturing hub, the AMP Technology Centre in Catcliffe.

The new company, headed up by former Fripp Design director Tom Fripp, has taken up 1,000sq ft of space in building number three, a 32,000 sq ft facility at the Advanced Manufacturing Park, which opened in 2016.

Established in February 2017, Addition Design is a joint venture with Chester Medical Solutions (CMS) a Cheshire-based pharmaceutical and medical solutions company. With offices in North Wales and Israel (and a new US base in Boston, MA set to open this year) CMS specialises in manufacturing and packaging materials for the pharmaceutical industry.

With CMS’ strong network in the North West, an area that leads in the medical industry, and Tom Fripp’s knowledge of design and the advanced manufacturing sector, Addition Design is able to offer an end-to-end service, from design to completion.

Addition’s expertise in research is key to its offering. The company sets itself apart from competitors by offering two areas of research; design research, which sets the foundations for the development of products where the manufacturing processes are generally known, and additive manufacturing research, which focuses on projects which significantly benefit from the advantages of additive manufacturing or 3D printing. The company is also working on the development of its own 3D print technologies.

Addition’s new space in the AMP Technology Centre is split into three rooms; an office space, workshop and meeting room, all of which will allow the company to develop both in design and research.

Tom Fripp, design director of Addition, said: “As a high value engineering firm, it’s incredibly important for us to be based at the AMP Technology Centre.

“Being located alongside the likes of McLaren and Boeing is a huge draw to our customers, and to be within walking distance of these globally successful companies supports our vision for the future. The smaller businesses here are also an attraction, as collaboration will be key to the company’s growth.

“We have built up such a strong network in Sheffield and the ten-minute drive to and from the city centre means that we have fantastic access to the engineering talent pool coming from the two universities.”

Dave Patterson, managing director of CMS, said: “Addition Design is a fantastic fit with the Chester Medical family of companies.

“Tom’s level of expertise within his industry is invaluable; Addition is already working closely with Quay Pharmaceuticals on researching and designing new drug delivery technologies, something that CMS wouldn’t have been able to explore without Addition’s skills and knowledge of design research.

“We hope that this relationship will enable us to explore new avenues and establish the CMS family as a leader in the industry.”

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