Disability Action Yorkshire seeks “Ebayer” to help market unusual furniture enterprise finds

Disability Action Yorkshire warehouse manager Keith Wyatt and trainees

A Harrogate charity is seeking an “Ebayer” to help sell the more unusual items donated to its social enterprise on the internet auction site.

In addition to helping raise funds, Disability Action Yorkshire uses the Hornbeam Park venture to help train disabled people in retail skills and furniture renovation.

The interior of the warehouse has recently been reconfigured so that learners get experience in different departments.

Items it sells, which have all been donated by businesses, organisations and individuals, include clothes, books, glassware, furniture, CDs, DVDs, sports equipment, games and ornaments.

And, to help sell the more unusual and collector’s items, the charity, which this year celebrates its 80th anniversary, is looking for a volunteer who can help sell them on Ebay.

The charity’s chief executive Jackie Snape said: “Our furniture warehouse fulfils two important roles, namely providing us with a vital income stream and giving new skills to learners.

“All the goods in our warehouse have been donated to us, and quite often they will include collector’s items. Also, those on the renovation team do a fantastic job, and these pieces always sell well.

“We are now looking for a volunteer, who has a knowledge of Ebay, to help sell selected items on the internet auctions site.

“It would involve on-line research, writing the descriptions and taking photos. And it’s a task that our trainees can get involved with too.”

Those wishing to find out more about the volunteering opportunity are asked to speak to Denise Baynton on 01423 855 429.

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