Manufacturer donates defibrillator to local community

Airedale Chemical's Daniel Fox and Glusburn Parish Council's chair Philip Baker with the newly installed defibrillator

A chemical company has continued its roll out of public defibrillator donations across west and north Yorkshire.

Cross Hills-based Airedale Chemical has donated the life-saving device to the Glusburn and Cross Hills Parish Council following a similar installation in Farnhill earlier this year.

The scheme is part of the firm’s charitable arm, Airedale Foundation, which is responsible for Airedale Chemical’s waste reduction scheme, sports sponsorships and community and education initiatives.

Operations director of the family-owned firm, Daniel Fox, said: “We are committed to supporting our surrounding communities so as part of our donation scheme, we approached the Glusburn and Cross Hills Parish Council about installing a public access defibrillator at its base. It’s an incredibly worthwhile cause which we’re proud to contribute to.

The Glusburn defibrillator was installed earlier this month and can be accessed at the Glusburn Institute on Colne Road on the wall facing the car park.

Philip Baker, chairman of the Glusburn and Cross Hills Parish Council, said: “We’re very grateful to the Airedale Chemical team for getting in touch about the donation. Heart problems are a rising issue and our community can be comforted by the fact we now have a public access defibrillator on site.

“Defibrillation within 3 – 5 minutes after cardiac arrest can produce survival rates as high as 50 – 70 per cent, our unit comes with instructions that allow anyone to operate the device and potentially save a life.”


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