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Theakston’s coopers branch out for Christmas tree challenge

Coopers at one of the country’s best-known breweries – T&R Theakston Ltd – have branched out to create Christmas trees from salvaged oak casks..

Brewery Craft Cooper Jonathan Manby and Apprentice Cooper Brewery Euan Findlay’s 5ft-high Christmas trees were the result of a festive challenge set by Marketing Manager Victoria Bramley, to get creative with old barrels.

Not only does it mean that the pair, and in particular Euan, can hone their wood working skills, they are benefitting the environment by using staves from the discarded casks.

The trees have been made in the Masham brewery’s heritage Cooperage, and are available to buy from the Theakston Black Bull in Paradise Gift Shop in Masham, for £60.

Victoria Bramley, T&R Theakston Ltd’s Marketing Manager, said: “Two years ago, Jonathan and Euan made a small number of Christmas trees from old beer casks, which I decorated and stood in the entrance to our Black Bull In Paradise visitor centre.

“This year, I set the pair the task of creating something seasonal that would appeal to beer lovers looking for a unique Christmas gift.

“I think they have certainly risen to the challenge and these Christmas trees, made from old barrels, are fantastic.

“And, because they are made from seasoned wood, they can be displayed either inside or outside.

“We are very proud to have a working Cooperage here at Theakston’s, which is helping to keep this ancient craft alive. When it comes to working with wood, Jonathan and his apprentice, Euan, are incredibly versatile as these trees go to prove.

“With only a limited number of trees on sale I’m sure these rare specimens will be snapped up very quickly.”

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