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Quality Context welcomes three new employees

Pictured are Anthony Howe, Ruth Whitehead, Kate Krachai and Lisa Grassie

, a Sheffield based pharmaceutical company, has appointed a further three talented individuals to join its ever-expanding team.

Quality Context, who provide pharmaceutical testing and consultancy services, have appointed and as technical managers, as well as as a programme manager. In their new roles, they will work for clients worldwide, delivering audits of facilities across the globe to ensure the medicines many of us take every day, are safe and effective.

Lisa Grassie, one of the new technical managers, is also a trainee QP. Once qualified, Lisa will have a critical role within the UK pharmaceutical industry and be able to review and sign off documentation as part of the process to release pharmaceutical and healthcare products into the UK and EU marketplace.

Also joining Lisa in the consultancy team, is Anthony Howe who has over 13 years’ experience in the industry and previously worked at the multinational healthcare company, Smith and Nephew.

Supporting the technical team is Ruth Whitehead. Ruth has a wealth of project management experience, having worked for large-scale IT companies prior to joining the Quality Context team.

Speaking about the recent expansion of the team, founding director, , said: “We’re always on the lookout for talented people.

“Hiring the brightest and the best means we can deliver exceptional client work and continue to expand our ever-growing team. Already, our new recruits are proving to be invaluable and we are delighted to continue our growth trajectory.”


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