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Leeds Neonatal Unit calls on local businesses to support innovative technology

Leeds Neonatal Unit calls on local businesses to support innovative technology to help parents of premature infants

Leeds Teaching Hospital Trust’s Neonatal Unit is in search of a sponsor to fund a Secure Video Messaging application that allows nurses to send video updates to parents of premature babies.

The service, which launched at St James’s Hospital, Leeds, in October, allows the nursing team to provide secure video updates for parents when they are apart from their baby and helps to reduce separation anxiety among parents.

Nurses record and send video updates to parents to provide reassurance and progress updates. And, once a parent has registered for the application, they can view, share and download videos of their baby so that precious moments are never lost.

The technology provider, vCreate, funded the initial pilot project, and now following an overwhelmingly positive response from parents, the neonatal nursing team is hoping to partner with a Yorkshire-based business to fund the ongoing provision of the application.

Dr Liz McKechnie, consultant neonatologist at LTHT, said: “Video messaging is a welcome addition to our pioneering family integrated care approach.

“Parents say that receiving video updates of their child provides reassurance during a stressful time and access to the secure baby-care video diary ensures that special moments that may have been missed before the introduction of video technology, can now be kept forever.

“Having this technology in place at Christmas was especially valuable, because parents who were at home with other siblings could see their baby on Christmas Day and now have special videos on record of their child’s first Christmas.”

Ben Moore, founder of vCreate, said: “Our innovative funding approach sees us partnering with UK businesses to find sponsors who would be willing to support Secure Video Messaging for their local neonatal unit. Sponsor organisations benefit from increased brand awareness, whilst the sponsor’s donation means that this important service comes at no cost to parents of premature or sick babies and the NHS.”

Sponsors can expect their logo to be shown on the video page visible to all registered parents and staff; PR and marketing opportunities at a local and national level, as well as an extremely positive association with a great cause.

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