Redfern begins coordinating travel for major NHS partner

Community Health Partnerships (CHP), owned by the Department for Health, has chosen Redfern to manage the travelling needs of employees.

CHP works with its partners to transform the NHS estate, providing professional strategic estate advice, investment and property service management.

Bradford-based Redfern was chosen as it provides a similar service to CHP’s parent company, the Department for Health, and has a track record of providing an excellent service to them.

Redfern’s technology means it is well placed to meet the needs of CHP. As the workforce grows, the service will ensure staff time is not taken up by booking travel and accommodation, resulting in a more efficient workforce.

Mark Day, chief finance officer at CHP, said: “It is essential for us to have a reliable and easy-to-use way of arranging travel up and down the UK for our employees. Redfern ticked both of those boxes and the early signs are that Redfern’s technology will improve efficiency, travel management reporting and ease of use across the board.”

Greg Mannix, head of sales, said: “We are delighted to extend our reach within the NHS landscape. We are all aware of the spending cuts facing the NHS and look forward to helping associated organisations save money through use of our smart technology.”

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