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Leeds-based global DJ brand Decksaver celebrates a decade in business

Staff at Decksaver are celebrating the milestone of the brand’s tenth birthday in January 2018.

The Leeds-based manufacturer, which develops protective covers for the latest DJ, music producer and audio equipment, saw a remarkable 23 per cent increase in growth last year.

Decksaver covers are made from clear polycarbonate, a super hard-wearing plastic also utilised in bulletproof glass. Along with a perfectionistic eye for quality control, polycarbonate is Decksaver’s main strength and its products are famed for durability.

Decksaver was founded by Mustafa El-Etriby, a former DJ and product design graduate. Upon moving home after University, the genesis of Decksaver arrived one day when his younger brother inadvertently damaged one of his prized Pioneer DJ decks.

Realising there wasn’t an available product to protect against such hazards, Mustafa saw a gap in the market for bespoke protective covers for the latest audio technology.

Whilst completing his master’s degree Mustafa became an employee of Vacform Group Ltd. He presented the idea of Decksaver to chairman David Aarons and managing director Kevin Quinn who were excited to help realise Mustafa’s vision.

The new venture allowed Decksaver to flourish, creating products that offered quality and protection competitors couldn’t match.

In January 2008 the first Decksaver for the Pioneer CDJ-1000 reached consumers. Following immense buzz among the DJ community, Decksaver quickly became the industry standard for protecting DJ wares in European super clubs such as Ministry Of Sound, Fabric, Space, Pacha and Café Mambo.

Trusted by professionals worldwide, the brand made a name for itself with its unique clear push-fit covers. In the following years the product spread across the globe, picking up distributors all over Europe, America, Africa, Asia and Australasia.

Speaking about the beginnings of Decksaver, Mustafa said: “I remember designing the first cover and approaching Kevin Quinn (managing director) and David Aarons (chairman) at Vacform Group. They were extremely supportive and allowed me to start working with a small team on creating a few more units. It was a side project that has become big.

“When we started out with Decksaver, the recession was hitting consumers and businesses hard – it was a scary time but Decksaver has gone from strength-to-strength. The success and growth we have seen these past ten years has been phenomenal, there are infinite possibilities and I don’t think we’ve even scratched the surface with this brand yet.

“Our main aim for 2018 and beyond is to reinvest to move the brand forward, bring more people into the business and continue to grow and lead the way with innovation, design and quality.”


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