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Property solutions specialist pioneers cloud technology

Property management specialist, ECO Integrated Property Solutions, has developed a cutting edge work management system thought to be the first of its kind used by a property service company in the UK.

The cloud-based solution now includes all client reactive, planned and statutory compliance documents from the last ten years. It is connected to ECO’s on-site audit app to create a streamlined process that will boost service levels and efficiency.

The technology, which has been imported from the US, has enhanced productivity of ECO’s helpdesk facilities, centralised all processes and procedures to allow greater flexibility in remote working and introduced real-time reporting to the client.

ECO IPS managing director, Andrew Walker, said: “One of the greatest advantages of this ground-breaking technology is the incredibly efficient method of compliance recording.

“In every industry, we are seeing increasingly stringent conformance regulations and the cloud provides a seamless way to ensure that every action has been completed and the relevant documents have been stored.

“Contractors can log in to existing data and systems from whichever site they’re at which allows greater communication with office-based staff and ensures real-time data can be stored and provided to the client, enabling them to log on and gain immediate access to their property information.”

A cloud-based system allows users to access all documentation via a web browser and removes the need for old-style servers and downloading programmes to individual PCs. An infinite amount of data can be stored efficiently and securely without taking up server storage space.

Andrew added “The driving force behind this investment has been the opportunity we identified to revolutionise the efficiency of our processes which has a direct impact on the level of service we can provide to customers and the relationships with our service partners.

“It has been a long process to fully move across to this cloud-based system but it has been well-worth the resources as we now have a seamless, real-time, work-management system and clients and contractors have already begun to notice the difference in delivery.”

ECO IPS employs more than 20 people from its offices in Leeds, West Yorkshire, and provides total property solutions to sectors including commercial, leisure, retail, healthcare and education.

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