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Brewfitt appoint new joint managing director

Brewfitt Limited has appointed James Paxman as joint managing director alongside current managing director, Curtis Paxman.

The change in organisational structure, has come around due to the continual growth of the company, especially most recently with the increase in product offering via the online shop.

James has been at Brewfitt since the beginning of his career and is a crucial member of the team.

Throughout his profession, James has familiarised himself with the many aspects of the day to day running of the company, including the many internal procedures.

His first role at Brewfitt included building fonts in the warehouse during school holidays. At 18, he then became a sales assistant with the company and since, has worked his way up to his most recent position as operations director.

James is dedicated to his roles within the company and is always looking for ways to develop his skills and knowledge to propel Brewfitt forward.

“I started my career in the warehouse and went on to work in sales, I believe this experience has given me a real insight into how the business works and the importance of caring for our customers.” James said.

Curtis Paxman, joint managing director of Brewfitt, said: “I believe James’s insight and knowledge of the company is superb and this will benefit him in his new well-deserved role.

“I’m looking forward to the future and working closely with James to pave a new direction for Brewfitt, helping to grow the business.

“James will be welcomed into his new senior position at Brewfitt by all board members and employees and as a collective, we are excited to see where we will take the business in the future.”


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