Johnny shows what loyalty means

Johnny Gallagher who’s spent 52 years working for Yorkshire-based firm Mone Brothers

Loyalty can be a rare commodity in this day and age but not for Johnny Gallagher who’s spent an incredible 52 years working for Yorkshire-based firm Mone Brothers.

It’s a career that’s taken him all around the country since the mid 1960s including working on many iconic landmark construction projects including the Humber Bridge.

Now 76, Johnny came over to the UK from County Donegal in Ireland aged just 16 and has never gone a day without work in all that time. It’s a proud record that Johnny attributes to ‘being a workaholic’.

Johnny said: “It started out as a favour for Mone Brothers co-founder Phil Mone. I was supposed to be doing a couple of days back in 1966 just to help out the young business but it’s ended up as 52 years…so far!”

Johnny, who lives in east Leeds and also had a two year spell working in Australia, added: “In the early years we carried out a lot of muck shifting contracts all over the UK. I spent 2 years working on the Humber Bridge but I’ve been based at Mone Brothers’ Blackhill Quarry in north Leeds in recent years.

“We have had many staff members who’ve spent three or four decades with the company. They are a great business to work for and treat their employees right. I wouldn’t have been here for over half a century if that wasn’t the case!”

He’s made many good friends over the years including 89-year-old Don Hendrie who retired, after 43 years service with Mone Brothers, at the tender age of 84.

Current Mone Brothers director Phil Mone, son of the co-founder of the same name, said: “Johnny has been a permanent fixture virtually since the company was founded 53 years. His dedication to the job and work ethic are an example to all.”

Johnny added: “I’ve enjoyed every day with Mone Brothers and they’re a fantastic team and a great employer but I’ll go when I feel like it!”


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