Latest project for PR agency is “out of this world”!

Cream director Elizabeth Hudson

Leeds based PR and communications agency, Cream has been appointed to handle PR for an international space exploration company.

Spacebit is a unique space company based in London with offices across the globe. It is changing the way large space projects and missions are funded. Its goal is to democratise space, unshackled by state or national sponsorship, which allows everyone to participate in space exploration.

Cream was appointed to devise a high-impact PR plan and handle media relations around Spacebit’s launch at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

The Spacebit Foundation has been developing and building an ecosystem to allow people and small enterprises to take advantage of recent giant leaps in launch technology and satellite platforms for five years and has already gained support from top scientists, industry leaders and public figures.

The community-led funding platform, which is run by a team of consultants, astronauts, engineers and rocket scientists, will enable the public to choose and fund large scale space exploration projects in crypto-currency.

Elizabeth Hudson, director of Cream, said: “This is an incredible project to be involved in, which could revolutionise how we fund space exploration. It allows us to pool our knowledge and contacts across a range of sectors to build awareness and interest in the programme.”

Victoria Southgate, head of communications at Spacebit, said: “Cream’s enthusiasm, commitment and professionalism has been outstanding from the start, and their expertise in media relations was fundamental to reaching key influencers across the globe. Cream is a valuable addition to the Spacebit communications team”

Cream moved to Leeds from Barnsley last summer and the team works on strategic PR briefs for clients in sectors including luxury retail, manufacturing, education and IT.

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