Breadwinner creates a “market for marketing” to boost investment into regional economy

Chris McCash of Breadwinner

A new organisation has been launched in the region which aims to make it easier for companies to source and award marketing contracts to Yorkshire agencies – it is the first such ‘intermediary’ service to be launched outside London.

Commonplace in London, intermediaries help brands buy marketing services such as branding, design, digital, media buying, public relations, PPC, research, SEO and social media, from pre-approved agencies.

Initially, Breadwinner has created an online market of 32 agencies in the region, and will expand quickly across the North before the end of the year.

Breadwinner founder Chris McCash, who has worked in the marketing industry for 20 years, said: “I became frustrated with London dominating the agency scene when we had such talent within our Northern cities.

“I’ve managed agencies and seen how intermediaries pay little or no attention to anyone outside the M25.  I’ve also consulted for companies looking to buy marketing services in the region and seen how complicated the process can be.

“Breadwinner is a simple, visual way for companies to find both specialist and integrated marketing agencies that have been handpicked and personally recommended. A “Mr & Mrs Smith” style approach rather than the traditional, rather dull directory.

“We are creating an online shop window, a ‘market for marketing’, which will make it easier for companies to find agency partners from Leeds and Sheffield.

“This is the first intermediary service built in the region, for the region – it will help drive investment and support jobs to the very best regional marketing suppliers.

“Breadwinner will help brands make the right agency choice, reducing the risk of costly contract mistakes.”

Companies looking to source marketing services from agencies in the region can visit


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