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Whitakers Chocolates to the rescue

A UK chocolate company has saved the day for one confectionery industry expert in their hour of need with an emergency consignment of personalised chocolate.

When confectionery journalist and author, Angus Kennedy, found himself without his promotional chocolates at the last minute before taking his book on a tour of North America, he thought all was lost.

Until Whitakers Chocolates, the UK’s largest distributor of personalised chocolates, servicing the catering, hospitality and retail industries, stepped in to save the day.

Whitakers Chocolates were able to produce 650 chocolate bars wrapped in the image of Angus’s book cover and delivered to New York in time for the first book signing with just ten days notice.

Angus Kennedy, author of ‘Bittersweet: The life and times of the world’s leading chocolate taster’, said: “I was all set for a tour of national TV shows across America to talk about my eighth book set to launch on 25 June, the culmination of my work and dreams for the past 32 years.  But what is a chocolate taster’s book tour without chocolate?

“I was in desperate need of hundreds of bars of branded chocolate for the live shows scheduled for 14 television stations across America and reaching around 15 million people. Thankfully Whitakers Chocolates saved the day and a delivery of 650 chocolate bars bearing my book cover and contact details winged their way across the Atlantic to New York in time for my first TV appearance.”

Whitakers Chocolates recently launched full colour, digitally printed bespoke chocolate bars and boxes featuring any specified photography or graphics, expanding its range of personalised products for the bespoke market.

William Whitaker, managing director of Whitakers Chocolates and the fourth generation to run the business, said: “We were thrilled to be able to help Angus with his dream to tour America with this book. We were able to turn this special delivery around quickly with his unique wrapping requirements to help him achieve that dream.”

Whitakers Chocolates is based in North Yorkshire, produces ten million chocolates a week and employs more than 100 people. It supplies confectionery and personalised chocolates to hospitality, retail, leisure and commercial businesses around the globe.



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