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Morrisons marketeers have “more reasons” than most to visit harrogate school

Two of Morrison’s marketing team have had “more reasons” than most to visit Harrogate’s Ashville Prep School.

For the pair, Andy Atkinson, the supermarket giant’s Group Marketing Director, and Jennifer Taylor, its Customer Service Manager, both attended Ashville College in the 1908s and 19090, and had been invited by the school to give a masterclass in marketing and customer service to the Year 6 pupils participating in the annual enterprise project.

Each year the Prep School’s senior pupils undertake a major project culminating in the running of a pop-up café, but in order to achieve this they have to create the theme, devise the menus, market the time-limited establishment to parents, siblings and friends, and make a profit.

Over the course of the last term experts from various industries have shared their knowledge on a wide range of subjects, including advertising, customer service and the financial aspects of running a business.

Mr Atkinson and Miss Taylor spent the afternoon schooling the Year 6 students in the importance of marketing and how, through engaging with customers, a business can become more successful.

Ashville Prep School Headteacher Simon Bailey said: “It was fantastic to welcome both Andy and Jennifer back to the school. The presentation they gave was superb and was an invaluable lesson for the pupils ahead of the final stage – the all-important two-day enterprise café.

“Morrison’s supermarkets are well known for their ‘Market Street’ and for the pair, their return to Ashville was more of a trip down ‘Memory Lane’.

“We are extremely grateful for them sparing the time, and the pupils learnt a lot about marketing, branding and customer service. This will prepare them nicely for the grand finale, which is being held  on the last Tuesday and Wednesday of term.”


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