Yorkshire printing business launches new product with HSBC funding

A Yorkshire manufacturer and distributer of specialist printing presses has launched an innovative new label printing system with the support of a seven figure package from HSBC.

Established in 1967, Dantex is Europe’s largest manufacturer and distributor of specialist printers to the packaging industry. The business has its headquarters in Bradford, yet operates across the globe with offices in Europe, USA and the Far East.

After identifying a gap in the market for a medium-range digital label printing press, Dantex developed and launched its ‘PicoColour Digital Press’, with HSBC’s financial backing. The innovative British-made machine is designed to deliver more efficient and bespoke label printing than existing machines.

Dantex is now accelerating development of the PicoJet, a second generation machine, following strong demand from customers in the UK and overseas. The business expects to increase turnover by 55 per cent over the next 48 months.

Torge Steffen, finance director of Dantex, said: “We identified a growing trend in the packaging business for a versatile digital printing machine. With the financial support of HSBC, we were not only able bring a finished product to our global market, but we also started work on the development of a second generation machine right in here in the UK.”

Tom Sikora, HSBC’s relationship director for West and South Yorkshire, said: “Dantex is an excellent example of a Yorkshire business looking to bring pioneering products to customers around the world. Innovation is crucial for firms to remain market leaders, so we look forward to seeing Dantex’s exciting development plans come to fruition.”


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