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Software provider completes American acquisition

Gary Corcoran

York-headquartered workforce management software provider Mitrefinch has acquired an American business as it looks to accelerate its growth in the US market.

Mitrefinch, which provides time and attendance, HR, payroll and access control software, has bought Advance Systems America, which has been a partner of Mitrefinch for eight years, selling its time and attendance solutions to US-based businesses.

Mitrefinch, which employs 160 people within the UK and a further 90 people worldwide, currently has successful operations in the UK, US, Australia and Canada – serving over 4,000 clients, including L’Oréal, Nestlé and Yearsley Group.

With the acquisition, the business intends to leverage Advance Systems America’s expertise, talent, experience and knowledge to become a major player the US market.

Gary Corcoran will become CEO of Mitrefinch Inc, having previously held the same position at Advance Systems America.

Gary said: “We’ve been flying the flag for Mitrefinch’s technology for years now and know the products and the market inside out, so it’s hugely exciting to now be joining the global brand and helping to take the business to the next level.

“Mitrefinch has been at the forefront of workforce management solutions since the 1980s, building up a reputation for truly unrivalled software, and it’s great to be an official part of that now.

“By combining our companies, we can deliver an efficient and highly competitive offering for our customers. We’ll also have access to greater market knowledge, a fabulous customer base and the strength and scale of the Mitrefinch brand.”

Matthew Jenkins, CEO at Mitrefinch, said: “We’re delighted to have completed our formal acquisition of Advanced Systems America, which represents a big opportunity for Mitrefinch and is the latest major milestone in our companywide transformation to embrace the global market.

“Advance Systems America has consistently delivered exceptional customer services to over 150 customers within the US. They have a deep understanding of the US market and a well-established team that we’ve worked closely with for quite some time.

“This acquisition aligns with our product roadmap and global ambitions to deliver an efficient and highly competitive offering for our customers. I am excited about the future of Mitrefinch Inc.”

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