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Cameras home in on Yorkshire Housing exclusive documentary

Yorkshire Housing is being featured in a new three-part weekly observational documentary starting tomorrow on Channel 5 at 9pm.

Housing Yorkshire: Somewhere Called Home follows the work of neighbourhood officers throughout Yorkshire as they help tenants in their homes.

Part of Channel 5’s season ​exploring housing through the eyes of those on the frontline, these programmes pull together strong views and storytelling to explore how and why housing has risen to the top of the national agenda.

Yorkshire Housing chief executive Mervyn Jones said: “I’m pleased that Yorkshire Housing and our customers have the chance to be involved in the wider housing debate. Housing Yorkshire shows some of the great work of our neighbourhood officers as they help our customers with anything from finding a new home to organising repairs.

“As one of Yorkshire’s largest providers of affordable homes, we own and manage over 18,000 properties throughout Yorkshire. Many different kinds of people live in our homes too and we’re proud of every one of them.”


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