YPO bucks the gender pay gap trend

YPO Board Members Julie Wray, Simon Hill, Jo Marshall and Paul Smith

YPO, the UK’s largest public sector buying organisation, based in Wakefield, is bucking the national trend in terms of the gender pay gap. Women, who make up 43 per cent of the organisation’s 515-strong workforce, on average earn more than men.

They also make up 50 per cent of the company’s Board of Directors and are also well represented in the Senior Leadership Team – a split of 62.5 per cent men and 37.5 per cent women.

The company’s gender pay gap results reveal that the median hourly pay for women at YPO is 10.3 per cent more than men and the mean hourly pay is 2.8 per cent more than men.

Simon Hill, YPO’s managing director, said: “We are proud to announce that the gender pay gap at YPO is a small percentage and also that our Board sets an example for equality. YPO is an equal opportunities employer and we strive to create an equal and inclusive workplace which recruits, develops and retains the most talented people, recognising that talent and potential are distributed across the population.”

YPO’s gender pay gap results compare favourably to the national findings which reveal that three-quarters of UK companies pay men more on average than women with a median pay gap of 9.7 per cent. The figures reveal that 78 per cent of firms pay men more than women on average, while 14 per cent pay women more.

Figures from public sector organisations suggest nine out of ten paid men more than women, with an overall gender pay gap of 14 per cent.

The report revealed that roles at YPO are split between office workers and those that work in logistics, including jobs in the warehouse, transport, the canteen and cleaning.

Continued Simon Hill, “Traditionally roles in logistics, such as warehouse and driving jobs are male oriented and YPO reflects this. Our aim is to attract more women into these areas and we will continue to explore how we can do this.”

There are 257 employees working in logistics, almost half of the total YPO workforce (49.9 per cent), with 200 being men and 57 being women. 67.5 per cent of YPO’s total male workforce, as at 31 March 2017, worked in logistics and only 26 per cent of the total female workforce. This accounts for the mean and median pay gaps being in favour of women, as the majority of the male workforce at YPO work in more junior roles.

YPO is the largest public sector buying organisation in the UK. Fully owned by 13 local government member authorities, YPO has also established formal relationships with further 65 organisations – known as associate member authorities – across local government and the wider public sector. YPO has an annual turnover in excess of £660 million, with a range including approximately 30,000 products and 80 public sector framework contracts.


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