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BGF backs Yorkshire’s budding young entrepreneurs

Richard Taylor

, the and ’s most active investor in growing businesses, is backing budding young entrepreneurs in the Yorkshire by supporting the , with the aim of nurturing entrepreneurialism from an early age.

Over four-weeks, secondary and college students have been using £10 pledges to get their business ideas up and running and make as much profit as they can. Divided into two different age groups, 11-14 year olds and 15-19 year olds, each has four different awards; most profitable business idea, best group, most inspiring individual and best community engagement.

Designed to encourage and stimulate entrepreneurial flare, students are judged on innovation, creativity, problem solving and building vital skills including resilience, all whilst using real money.

of BGF, said: “Yorkshire isn’t short of successful entrepreneurs and we’re looking ahead to inspire the wealth creators of the future – we believe in using our expertise and knowledge to inspire and encourage the next generation of entrepreneurs.

’s very powerful to engage directly with young people early on – many of whom have impressed us not only with their ideas, but with their ambition to roll up their sleeves and work hard. Our goal is to make sure entrepreneurship is understood and accessible to young people that have the courage to give a go and make their ideas a reality.”

The winners will be announced at a national award ceremony in May.

BGF’s backing of the Tenner Challenge is the latest example of its commitment to creating a long-term, sustainable environment in which future generations of entrepreneurs can thrive.


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