Yorkshire Wolds poultry business gains new business from supply chain innovator

Jeremy Hibbert Garibaldi

An East Yorkshire-based poultry business has won new business from a revolutionary start up business that is forecast to disrupt traditional foodservice supply chains.

Soanes Poultry has partnered with London based COLLECTIVfood for direct delivery of its award winning chicken to the capital’s restaurants.

COLLECTIVfood was established in 2017 by Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi to offer restaurants high quality ingredients at exceptional prices. Of the partnership with Soanes, Jeremy said: “We came across Soanes Poultry when we were looking for caring, passionate quality producers who share our core values.

“We were ideally looking for a family farmer who produced chicken with known providence, so when learned that Soanes not only rear their own chicken, but they grow the cereals to feed them, we knew that they could satisfy the demand from London restaurants for tasty Red Tractor assured chicken at a competitive price.”

Nigel Upson, general manager at Soanes Poultry, said the company is thrilled to be supplying the innovative business: “Although we’ve been established for over 70 years, we are always open to new ideas and we think that COLLECTIVfood’s business model is the way forward for producers of our size.”

COLLECTIVfood, cited by The Grocer magazine as ‘leading the way in disrupting the UK’s £15b restaurant food supply’* in its December 2017 article, is  a team of chefs, restaurateurs, food producers and innovators with a mission to improve an ‘old-fashioned, inefficient and opaque supply chain’ and offer restaurants high quality ingredients at exceptional prices.

Soanes Poultry employs over 90 people and rears five million chickens a year on its Yorkshire Wolds farms and also sells its chicken and game to butchers and independent retailers in Yorkshire and London.


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