Jason Miller “wants us all to stop thinking we have goldfish attention spans”

Jason Miller, head of content and social media marketing for LinkedIn Sales & Marketing Solutions, will take centre stage during the Buy Yorkshire Conference, to shake up the way the region is using content marketing, giving Yorkshire a firm reality check.

Hoping to bust some of the myths and hype that have developed around the subject of web based content, Jason will talk about the effectiveness of marketing online and how it depends on putting relevant information in front of the right audience.

By leveraging insights and research from LinkedIn, Jason will challenge the audience to think and behave differently online to get the most from the platforms that are available.

He said: “The theme of my sessions is ‘Your Content Marketing needs a reality check’. It’s all about busting some of the myths and the hype that we are all subject to and which can badly mislead businesses and marketers.

“I bet you’ve heard that human beings now have a shorter attention span than goldfish. It’s one of the most frequently repeated claims in content marketing and it leads people to convince themselves that all content must be snackable and short to be effective.”

This, Jason goes on to say, is absolute nonsense. “There’s never been a study of goldfish attention spans. If you rely solely on short, disposable content you could be training your audiences to ignore you.”

A regular keynote speaker at advertising festivals like Advertising Week Europe and Festival of Marketing, Jason travels around Europe and North America talking about the role of content in marketing today.

Participating at the event for the first time as a keynote speaker, Jason will remind his listeners how marketers can leverage the latest marketing solutions to drive brand awareness and lead generation.

The Buy Yorkshire event is expected to welcome more than 150 exhibitors and over 4,000 delegates making it the largest business to business conference in the North of England.

For more information about Buy Yorkshire, which takes place on Tuesday, and the schedule for the day, please visit www.buyyorkshire.co.uk, call 0113 4689161 or follow @BuyYorkshire for updates.


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