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Cubana’s rum dominance confirmed by industry

Cubana owners Adrian Bagnoli and Brad Charlesworth

Representatives from some of the world’s biggest brands of rum were in Sheffield to witness the unveiling of “the most comprehensive menu of its type in the country”.

The city’s Cubana already boasted a 2016 rum menu that was voted the ’s best by the industry.

Its new menu – which stretches to a staggering 12,500 words of tasting notes and 220 different rums – took Cubana’s rum  connoisseur nearly 18 months to complete and has been hailed “a blueprint for the country” by the packed house that turned up to its launch.

Rum industry expert Peter Thornton from Cellar Trends said: “There’s no doubt rum is on the acendancy in the UK and there’s few venues  doing more to promote its popularity than Cubana. This new menu will be a hard act to follow.”

Signs are already pointing to rum being the spirit of choice in the UK in the coming years as it slowly closes the gap on sales of gin.

Sales of rum in the country are now topping £1 billion a year for the first time and are expected to rise far higher.

John Wickham said: “It was a true honour to be able to tempt ambassadors from some of the world’s finest rum brands to help launch our new menu in Sheffield. It is a sign of how far we’ve come in the past couple of years in our bid to put Cubana on both the national and international rum map.”

The bar’s extensive collection has been sourced from right around the globe – from Cuba and all over the Caribbean to more surprising places such as Japan and Germany.

Cubana’s status as the region’s rum capital was also singled out in the recently published ‘111 Places in Sheffield You Should Not Miss’ guidebook.

, Cubana’s co-owner, said: “”All the signs are there that rum will follow gin with a massive explosion in the UK – we’ve seen a 100 per cent increase in sales over the past year. I’m here to ensure Sheffield is the country’s leader.”

Cubana owners Adrian Bagnoli and hit the headlines in 2016 when they flew to Havana to hand pick a bottle of “Maximo Extra Anejo” – considered one of the greatest and most expensive rums of all time.


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