Leeds-based tech start-up launches industry-first e-commerce tool

Leeds-headquartered Boostify has launched a new “all-in-one” online customer engagement platform – the first of its kind to hit the digital landscape.

Bringing this innovative technology to Yorkshire’s business scene is the firm’s managing director, Jonathan Thirkill – who first entered the market in 2013 with a live chat service.

However, the last five years have seen him develop the technology into a fully-fledged conversion rate optimisation (CRO) platform, which empowers organisations to track, engage and convert more website visitors than ever before into sales and revenue.

With a powerful suite of customisable tools – including Social Proof, Chat and Capture – local businesses will be able to gain an in-depth understanding of what content makes their visitors tick.

And in the process, Jonathan projects that the tech company is on track to hire five new people by 2019.

“There are currently no online tools on the market which integrate so many advanced, conversion-specific features into one digital offering, and that’s what makes our technology unique,” said Jonathan.

“With more and more people opting to shop online, there’s a real industry need to be able to attract and retain customers, and you can only do that if you know for certain what experience your target audience want from your website.”

Previously head of conversion at Age Partnership, Jonathan’s extensive website optimisation background saw him increase the financial firm’s conversion rate by double digits. He soon realised that the tools he developed to transform their online traffic into bottom-line revenue could help many organisations nationwide.

“Many companies shy away from CRO because they’re either too overwhelmed about how and where to start, or because they’re hesitant to invest time and money into processes which carry return on investment uncertainty,” Jonathan added.

Offering his concluding comments on how the platform will change the e-commerce landscape, Jonathan said: “I genuinely believe that the platform could save the average brand 14 hours of IT, marketing and development time per week.

“Any business which is looking to increase its traffic – whilst being smart about how it hones this to generate profit and supersede conversion goals – would benefit from Boostify’s powerful dashboard.”

The CRO system is available via a monthly subscription model, including optional on-boarding, consulting and technical support.


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