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East Yorkshire brewery wins listings for its gluten free beer

Alex Balchin in the brewery

The team at a Yorkshire coast brewery are celebrating after winning a contract to supply one of its gluten free beers to 400 Morrisons stores nationwide and 30 Tesco stores throughout Yorkshire. 

Wold Newton based has secured the listings for its award winning beer, Against the Grain, 4.5 per cent, that is made from lager and maize malts, hops and yeast. It is a full flavoured beer with a creamy head, refreshing bitterness and a citrus aftertaste. It won a silver award at the SIBA regional keg awards 2017 and its gluten content is certified to be below the required Codex standard of 20 parts per million. 

Brewery manager Alex Balchin said: “We’re delighted that one of our best-selling gluten free beers is now available in Morrisons and Tesco and is selling very well. 

“We have seen big growth in sales of our gluten free beers as the number of people avoiding gluten for dietary or medical reasons has risen.” 

The 500ml bottle is on offer at four for £6 in both retailers. 

Wold Top’s Scarborough Fair IPA and are also gluten free. 

Wold Top Brewery was founded by in 2003 and is located on the Mellor family farm at . The team brew 26,000 litres of beer a week in a bespoke brew plant and use home grown barley and water from the farm’s borehole to produce award-winning beers.


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