Brewfitt Ltd, has launched a new, non-alcoholic drink offering Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz

Innovators in drinks dispense, Brewfitt Ltd, has launched a new, non-alcoholic drink offering Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz.

The product follows a growing partnership between the Huddersfield based Brewfitt and the Lancashire based Mr Fitzpatrick’s Botanical Cordials.

Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz is set to revolutionise the non-alcoholic drinks market for the HORECA industry by providing a premium alternative to ordinary, run of the mill soft drinks. Brewfitt’s Aqua3 water filtration and dispense system works alongside the unique flavours of Mr Fitzpatrick’s botanical cordials, allowing establishments to boost their non-alcoholic drink offering with over 20 exciting new flavours.

There are three different flavour ranges of Mr Fitz beverages; Roots & spices, no-added sugar and fruits & flowers. Included in the no-added sugar range are flavours such as rhubarb & rose, raspberry & lavender and lemon, cucumber & mint. Roots and spices include popular flavours such as root beer and dandelion & burdock, whilst fruits and flowers such as elderflower & apple, blood tonic and many more.

The unique brand pays homage to the temperance era and showmanship. Bartenders are encouraged to follow ‘The Drill’ drink making process, which creates an experience for the customer elevating the overall product and creating a familiar brand for businesses.

Using the signature Aqua3 system, still or sparkling wonder water is dispensed through the Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz ceramic font and infuses with rich cordial flavours to create a unique beverage different from regular cordials and squashes.

The product has already been trialled in several Huddersfield locations such as The Three Acres in Emley and the Manor House in Lindley as well as The Chaser Inn which is located in Tonbridge, Kent. The bars have had an overwhelming positive response, with the bar already seeing brand loyalty and popularity on the rise.

“Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz is a refreshing product for the hospitality industry that allows pubs, bars and restaurants an opportunity to truly diversify their non-alcoholic range,” commented Curtis Paxman, managing director of Brewfitt.

“Not only does it provide an exciting new experience for the customer through ‘The Drill’ drink making process, it provides a fantastic new revenue generator for businesses not only through the sale of Mr Fitz Aqua Spritz, but through the dispense of tabled and bottle water.”


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