Move into modular market proves a success for EYG

Commercial glazing specialists EYG is on course to more than double its sales target in its first year since moving back into supplying the modular buildings market.

Led by experienced modular sales specialist Stephie Stansfield, who was recruited by EYG specifically to the role last year, the Hull-based firm has secured major contracts on projects in the education, leisure, health and modular housing sectors, as well as for the Ministry of Defence.

Now, Mrs Stansfield is determined to secure further growth, driven by a dedication to meeting the changing needs of the industry, and always the needs of customers.

She said: “We’ve got to where we have so quickly because we’ve focussed on relationships and being honest in every aspect of our work.

“People too often forget that relationships and honesty are the key to business, and that is why we have ensured there is one single point of contact with our customers for everything they need. Customers need consistency and they need to have trust in who they are dealing with.

“I firmly believe that has been at the heart of our success. Be confident in your products and service, be realistic and don’t over promise, be honest at every stage and if something does need dealing with for a customer, get it done.”

It has been an approach that has reaped rewards, as has being able to build on the back of a successful 48-year-old specialist glazing company which already has its own commercial division (EYG Commercial) producing thousands of windows and doors for major multi-million pound developments across the UK.

Backed by estimator Gareth Bennett and with the support of processors Chris Page and Rich Sims and draftsmen Ian Cheng and Dave Hargraves, with onsite installations overseen by contracts managers Rich McNeil and Neil Coxon, Mrs Stansfield is confident further success is ahead.

“The team here have really driven this growth and made this work, and we have had a lot of invaluable support from Commercial Director Steve Swallow,” she added.

“The industry is fast-moving and demands a quick turnaround on products, which can be a challenge at times when you are busy and growing.

“There have been areas of learning for us as a team, but we’re winning contracts because we have so much to offer. We usually turn around job estimates in 24 hours, which has been key to winning work, and we provide premium quality aluminium windows, doors and curtain walling.

“Having branches across the county, and especially fitting teams in and around London, has also helped us to win new customers. It means we can be responsive to client needs and be cost effective.

“Importantly we’ll also give the same commitment to a small job for a handful of windows to a contract for hundreds of windows. Some smaller companies often don’t approach the larger suppliers because they don’t think they’ll get the customer service. That is a perception we’re determined to disprove.”

Looking ahead, Mrs Stansfield believes the biggest challenge for EYG when looking to maintain its early momentum in modular sales is in educating customers as to why its products are the ones they should choose.

“As a specialist glazing business we have to meet strict regulations and standards at all times,” she said.

“We price our work on that basis, and there is at times a job to do to educate the customer and contractors about this, as some prices from others may look attractive, but perhaps should be setting alarm bells ringing rather than looking like a great deal.

“We are very proud of our industry accreditations, such as the British Standards Institution (BSI) and Secured By Design (SBD), which cover all products including our panic exit doors and electric strike doors. We offer that extra quality and assurance.

“Moving forward, the industry is becoming more bespoke. Modular windows are no longer all the same and some very impressive and modern developments and iconic buildings are actually modular as it reduces costs and speeds up developments.

“That call for more flexibility and more bespoke products plays into our hands given we design and manufacture all of our own products, so we will be looking to develop that area of work over the coming 12 months and beat our targets once again.”

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