Stackers widens appeal of Raisthorpe’s gins

Raisthorpe Manor's stackers

Drinks producer Raisthorpe Manor is expanding its range with an innovative stacker bottle collection of its award-winning gins, ports and vodkas.

Ideal as a personalised gift, the stackers are individual interlocking 20cl bottles. Customers can choose a top bottle and as many bottoms as they like to create a stack of their favourite Raisthorpe botanical flavours.

The stacker range includes Raisthorpe’s distilled dry gin, damson port and green apple vodka (tops) and rhubarb gin, damson port and strawberry vodka (bottoms).

New to the stackers collection is a blushing rose gin which has a subtle pink hue. Paired with an elderflower tonic, this gin offers a taste of summer in a glass.

Raisthorpe founder Julia Medforth said: “The stackers are a new and innovative way for spirit lovers to enjoy our products. Customers can mix and match their favourite gins, vodkas and ports with others they may not have tried before.

“They are also a great way of creating a thoughtful bespoke gift set of some of our most popular products.”


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