A new chapter for Saltaire Brewery

Pictured are Elliott Collett, Ewen Gordon, Hayley Collingswood, Nick Helliwell and Chris Hall

Saltaire Brewery has announced the start of a new era with a refreshed brand and launch of a new range of beers.

The independent brewery, based in West Yorkshire, has been creating its internationally award-winning beers since 2006 and is now aiming to bridge the gap between cask and craft with its commitment to high quality beer, regardless of the category.

As part of its ambitious five-year growth plan and ongoing investment programme led by managing director, Ewen Gordon, Saltaire Brewery has evolved its brand, refreshed its product range and released a new series of 330ml bottle and keg beers.

Ewen said: “The beer industry has changed so much in the last 12 years and we’re not one to rest on our laurels. It’s important to stand out in this incredibly crowded market and to do so we must tell the story of who we are: fun, considered and proud of our heritage.”

Saltaire Brewery sales and distribution director Nick Helliwell said: “Adventurous, craft-led products continue to make significant impact in the market, so it’s vital for us to keep developing our beers and business, while remaining authentic.

“We’re proud of the products and styles that have helped us build the brewery over the last 12 years but this development will ensure we are fit for the future too. With all major retailers increasing their SKUs across the whole category, we want all our lines to stand out on the shelves as well as continuing to grab attention on bars all over the UK and beyond.”

Known for its vibrant brand and use of colour, Saltaire Brewery has continued to showcase its products using strong, bold shades while taking inspiration on shape and design from its home which was once a power station for local tramlines.

Marketing manager at Saltaire Brewery, Hayley Collingswood, said: “We have modernised and simplified the Saltaire logo as well as refreshing the overall brand look and feel. Our new direction refocuses on our heritage, tying us back to our roots but in a way that’s contemporary. It was really important for us to remain recognisable for our loyal beer fans, so our products will continue to be highlighted in the bright, standout colours they’re used to seeing on the shelves and on the bar but revitalised with a fresh design.”

Saltaire Brewery’s new 330ml bottle and keg beer range includes Velocity, a session IPA, Zipwire, a citrus pale, Polarity, a black IPA and Full Tilt, an Australian and New Zealand pale. The recipes have a focus on flavour with hop forward, unfiltered and easy drinking beers and include ingredients such as fresh orange and grapefruit zest. The line reflects the new Saltaire brand style using its iconic shape and bright colours but with an added twist to reflect the more creative nature of the range.

Ewen added: “Our commitment to great beer and delivering for our customers is what drives us forward as a business. We’re incredibly proud of our range which has been restructured to offer a more comprehensive selection while staying current and reflecting developments in the market.

“We’ve brought some of our much-loved beers up-to-date while making way for exciting and delicious specials on a regular basis. We’re also launching a range of four new products with a more playful, contemporary edge, backed by our reputation for quality and dependability.

“As a truly passionate team, we all want to make Saltaire the best it can be, not just the beer itself but the entire brand experience. We’re staying true to who we are, an ambitious and bold brewery which is continuously evolving and looking forward – doing things our way with quality and integrity.”

Saltaire Brewery produces 56,000 litres of beer each week, delivering all over Yorkshire, the North West, the North East, Cumbria and beyond. Bottled beers are available from all major supermarkets (selected stores) as well as independent wine and beer retailers.


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