National Grid funds a pilot to keep communities’ most vulnerable people safe

Members of one of the new community groups enjoying a little gentle exercise

Age UK Barnsley secured funding from the National Grid community grant programme for a year-long pilot, to help bring the elderly and most vulnerable together, to stop them feeling isolated and to keep them safe and warm.

Age UK Barnsley will consult with communities and service providers, including GPs, hairdressers and pharmacies to identify isolated older people, and set up activities to bring them together.

The pilot project will result in ten new regular groups in Cudworth and Wombwell, in Barnsley.

Four events will be held to look at issues such as keeping warm, avoiding scams and managing personal finances. The pilot is expected to provide one to one support to 100 older people and signpost many more to existing activities.

Steve Knight-Gregson, National Grid’s regional external affairs manager, said: “While we’re refurbishing our overhead line, keeping homes and businesses in the area safely and securely supplied with electricity, we’re delighted to support this initiative for more vulnerable members of the community.”

Jane Holliday, CEO of Age UK Barnsley, said: “We are delighted with the generous donation. The community grant will enable us to build on the work we are doing and provide evidence to the local council, to fund a longer-term solution.”


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