Chadwick Lawrence reports strong business growth

Yorkshire law form Chadwick Lawrence has announced outstanding performance in its most recent financial year ending March 2018.

The solicitors firm, with seven offices based across West Yorkshire, reported a £1.9m profit in the 12 month period ending March 18 financial year therefore doubling the profit achieved in the previous 12 month period.

Following a company restructure in 2014, Chadwick Lawrence is beginning to see the results of the continued strengthening of its financial foundations and a carefully considered growth strategy coupled with significant culture change within the business.

Continued diligence throughout the business has brought this growth forward, through maintaining sound financial disciplines and ongoing investment in developing their people.

The firm has seen all departments enjoy growth during this period, with exceptional results across all fee earning departments coupled with backing from non-fee earning support teams.

Looking forward to the next financial year, the firm will be launching a business intelligence tool KPI dashboard for all fee earners, and will be migrating all business onto Microsoft Office 365. These steps will pave the way for future IT investment from Autumn 2018 onwards as we invest in a new firm wide Practice Management System.

The firm will also invest in a health and wellbeing initiative across the firm, with the help of Westfield Health. An understanding of employee well being, and changes that can be made to add value to staff has been a crucial foundation for achieving the success within the business.

Neil Wilson, managing partner of Chadwick Lawrence, said: “All of the initiatives we have put in place will support our focus for the next 5 years which will be to continue to grow sensibly, remaining client focused and ensuring we continue to carefully manage all costs within the business.

“We are thankful to our loyal staff and client base and with their continued support and our commitment to inward investment we will continue to achieve our targets.”


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