Business leaders to “sleep out” in aid of Harrogate’s homeless

Pictured from left are Leigh Woolard, Director, Arrow Digital Agency; Emma Harris, Marketing Manager, Ashville College; Richard Marshall, Headmaster, Ashville College, Bianca Robinson, National Coordinator, CEO Sleepout UK; and Simon Asker, Director of Prep School, Ashville College

Ashville College has agreed to host the first ever Harrogate CEO Sleepout.

CEO Sleepout is a national charity which supports local charities close to each CEO Sleepout venue – to help in the plight of homelessness.

Taking place in the grounds of Ashville College on the night of Thursday, December 6, those participating in the event are being asked to raise £1,000 each in exchange for a sheet of cardboard, a mat and a sleeping bag.

The charity was formed in 2013 with the aim of fighting homelessness and poverty. Since then 1,900 CEOs/business owners and leaders have raised just under £2m between them.

Already, fifteen people have signed up for the Harrogate challenge including Ashville’s Headmaster Mr Richard Marshall and its Director of Prep School, Simon Asker; Ian Ladley, Owner of Skinny Design; Verity Frearson Director Matthew Stamford, Arrow Digital Agency Director Leigh Woolard, and Chris Brown, Owner of Ethos Asset Finance.

CEO Sleepout UK’s National Co-ordinator Bianca Robinson, said: “This is the first time we are holding a sleepout in Harrogate and I would like to thank Ashville College for hosting it.

“Homelessness is a national problem and even ‘affluent’ towns such as Harrogate are not immune to it. Harrogate Homeless Project does fantastic work, and a portion of the proceeds from this CEO Sleepout will go to them as well as to other local charities that support homelessness.

“Our target is to engage 40 CEOs/business owners and leaders. One thing I must stress is it will be very cold and wet. It will not be a pleasant experience, but it’s one that countless people endure night in, night out.”

Ashville College Headmaster Richard Marshall said: “Whilst homelessness is not a word that you would associate with Ashville College, this sleepout will help us focus our minds on the plight of those less fortunate than ourselves.

“I hope that the CEO Sleepout gets plenty of support and for my part I will be encouraging colleagues and parents to sign up to it.”

Further information about the CEO Sleepout, being held at Ashville College on the night of Thursday, December 6, can be found at


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